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We partner with organizations to shape their present and uncover a relevant tomorrow.

In Recúbica\ we help our customers find their Minimum Viable Strategy and walk the path to a better tomorrow.

We are a strategic consulting firm focused on helping organizations redesign their path and build a new way of facing its challenges. To do this, we use a lightweight methodology and a set of tools (with strong presence of AI) that equip businesses with anticipation capacity and a more open and flexible model that allows them to thrive in complex and changing environments.

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Minimum Viable Strategy

Business Models

AI Transformation

Value Proposition

Go to Market Strategy

Product and Service Strategy

Training & Learning

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& Exploration

Futures Design

Startup Scouting


Emerging Trends and Signals

Futures Research

Innovation Opportunity Mapping

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Strategic M&A

Corporate Venturing

Startup Screening

Acquisition Feasibility


M&A Portfolio Management

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